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St. Rose Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, IN
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St. Rose Cemetery


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PLEASE NOTE: If you have a valid need to gain access to this personal information please contact the Parish History Committee at the Parish Center phone number (812) 295-3564 to make an appointment to view these electronic records. You may be required to prove your relationship to the individual you are seeking information about. Please do not contact the parish staff for information requests, they will only direct you to the Parish Historical Committee which meets on most Tuesdays between 10:30AM and 02:30PM in the Parish Center.

July 1994, St. Rose is the first cemetery that we reworked. Of the three cemeteries at Mt. Pleasant it is this researcher's opinion that St. Rose has deteriorated the most from abuse, vandalism and erosion.

I began with the original work published by the Martin County Historical Society, "Cemeteries of Martin County, Indiana, Volume II", pages 184 through 191 and the supplement page S-8. This work can be identified by the notation "MCHS-nnn". Where "nnn" represents the page number in the original books where the information can be found. For example; MCHS-184 represents page 184 (this is in volume II). Please note that page one (1) begins with volume I and the last page can be found in volume III.

To the original work, I compared the work that Natalie Montgomery Baker performed earlier during 1994. I added any new information that she uncovered. I noted all discrepancies between these two works. Later, all discrepancies were reconciled. If Natalies work differed with that of the original and careful examination of the tombstones could not reconcile the differences I reverted back to the original documentation. (I feel that over time inscriptions have become harder to read. Experience proved this to be very true.)

Natalie also researched local records and obituaries and included this information in her work. Natalie's latest contribution is annotated with "NMB1994:" followed with what additional information she provided. Natalie also noted if the stone presently exists or not. This is annotated by "(stone)". Newly discovered tombstones are annotated by "(new,stone)". Newly discovered burials are indicated by an "Unmarked" burial location.

My children and I systematically compared each and every tombstone to the combined recorded data. Together we corrected mistakes, resolved differences and noted previously unrecorded tombstones. A marking scheme using colored chalk was devised to ensure we would not miss any stone or look at the same stone twice. When finished with the known data we proceeded to probe the cemetery lot for buried tombstones. All together, nine (9) new tombstones were discovered and recorded. Data that we contributed is annotated by "ECH-Jul1994:" indicating the month and year when the work was performed.

Mr. Larry Craney of rural Loogootee contributed information about his ancestors and relatives buried in St. Rose cemetery. His contributions are annotated by "LCG1994:". Many thanks to Larry.

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The following page lists abbreviations and sources of information used in the research. Abbreviations and sources used are as follows:

Table of abbreviations:
B: born/birth date
D: died/death date
Md: Married/Marriage date
Bd: buried at
Dd: died at
Bp: baptized at
F: father
M: mother
S/O: son of
D/O: daughter of
C/O: child of
M/1: marriage #1
M/2: marriage #2, etc.
Ch: children
CN: compiler's note/observation
TI: tombstone inscription
VM: veteran's marker
CWV: Civil War veteran
CWP: Civil War pension paper
DJMJ: Descendants of James Massey Jones 1986
HSCR: Historical Society cemetery records
MCHS: Martin County Historical Society
DCDR: Daviess County Death records
LDR: Loogootee Death Records
MCDR: Martin County Death Records
SMaDR: St. Martin's Death Records
SPBR St. Peter's Baptismal records
SJDR: St. John death record
SPDR: St. Peter death record
SPKDR: St. Patrick death record
Obit: obituary
LT: Loogootee Tribune
MCT: Martin County Tribune
SEN: Loogootee Sentinel
Sent: Loogootee Sentinel
SN: Shoals News
WTH: Washington Times Herald
W-Demo: Washington Democrat
DC-Demo: Daviess County Democrat
ABT: about
(?) Data is illegible or questionable
Intv: interview with person or persons indicated
NMB1994: Information supplied by Natalie Montgomery Baker, 1994.
ECH-Jul1994: Information uncovered by Evan C. Hand during the month and year given.

NOTE: Some birth dates are computed from the death date and the inscribed ages in Years, Months and Days when given. These are annotated as such: "Born ABT 28 Mar 1883".

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